Alcaraz Identifies Reasons Behind More Frequent Injuries After First Win At Roland Garros

Alcaraz Identifies Reasons Behind More Frequent Injuries After First Win At Roland Garros

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz has dealt with plenty of minor injuries in his career, and he spoke about why players may be getting injured these days.

Tennis today is more physically demanding than it used to be in the past. On top of that, the tennis schedule for players on the ATP and WTA Tours seems to be more packed than ever, which takes toll on the players' bodies.

Some handle the pressure on their bodies fine, but not others. We're all different, after all, but there is a lot more pressure on the body compared to before, and obviously, it has an impact.

Many players have spoken about the increase in injuries after the balls were made heavier than before, which shows there is more to the story. It's not black-and-white, but the overall progression of the sport in recent decades clearly contributes to more injuries.

Alcaraz is one of these new young players coming up who has dealt with a lot of minor injuries and he's certain that it's because the intensity of being a tennis player is a factor in why it's happening more and more, as he explained at the 2024 Roland Garors.

"Well, I think the tour increased in intensity. I think we are players with a lot of power. The game is faster, let's say. It's more demanding. Of course the schedule during the year is so, so demanding."

"We can't rest too much, you know, between tournaments, between the important ones. A lot of changes, as well, I think it increases the chances of getting injured."

While the explanation may be logical, the more important question is how do we fix it? Players make the sport so interesting, and if they are injured, the interest also decreases. The solution must be found, but it doesn't seem to be appearing.


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