'We Didn't Like That It Was Very Public': Badosa Confirms 'Tsitsidosa' Reunion

'We Didn't Like That It Was Very Public': Badosa Confirms 'Tsitsidosa' Reunion

by Nurein Ahmed

Paula Badosa has spoken for the first time since "amicably parting ways" with Stefanos Tsitsipas, revealing that the pair are now back together.

Badosa made a stunning revelation earlier this month when she posted on her Instagram stories informing the tennis community that she was no longer dating her Greek boyfriend, Tsitsipas.

They had been together for precisely a year, initially meeting after last year's Italian Open before emerging as the most famous tennis couple on tour. They often traveled together to tournaments even though the Spaniard was dealing with a chronic back injury.

Badosa and Tsitsipas also used their relationship to push each other to become better versions of themselves as players and personalities. They even created a joint Instagram page, commonly known as "Tsitsidosa," to celebrate their moments together with fans.

This had looked like a never-ending love story until their mysterious split. But a few days after Badosa's shocking admission, they were seen together holding hands and driving off in a luxurious car in Monaco, which fuelled speculation that they might be back together.

In a recent interview with the Greek outlet SDNA, Tsitsipas clarified that they had reunited and that they needed a break. Badosa has now broken her silence to confirm that it is true.

In her pre-tournament press conference ahead of her first-round match at Roland Garros, the former WTA No. 2 claimed they were looking to keep their relationship private.

"He already explained and I have nothing else to say, I mean, it's our private life. I think one of the things that we didn't like is that it was very public, so now we want to keep it to ourselves. We know it's not going to be easy because we are two public people so people will ask, but we want to keep it more to ourselves."


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