Alcaraz Identifies Changeable Factor At Wimbledon That Could Impact His Title Run

Alcaraz Identifies Changeable Factor At Wimbledon That Could Impact His Title Run

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz made it to the 2024 Wimbledon Championships quarter-final, but he isn't impressed with his performance and thinks it's due to one specific factor.

Alcaraz has looked very good and played some amazing tennis at times, but he also dropped multiple sets at SW19 this year, which is certainly something to monitor.

He didn't have the same preparation as last year, and his run at Wimbledon looks less impressive, possibly because of the lack of many matches before the event.

He's in the quarter-final after enduring another tricky match. After the match, Alcaraz spoke about some of the things that bothered him a little bit during his run. One of those things was playing indoors on grass, which happens when it rains.

It's been raining frequently in London this week, which is why many of the matches have been played under the roof. Alcaraz is not used to it, and it bothers him a little bit, so the weather is one factor to follow in the coming week.

"I’m not used to playing indoors (on grass), I’m not going to lie, but I don’t consider myself a bad indoor player. I just think that a lot of players are better than me. But honestly, I would prefer to play outdoor. That’s obvious."

Alcaraz is no stranger to playing indoors generally, but he hasn't really played much indoors on grass. Last year's run featured matches that were all played outdoors, and that's why he prefers it that way.

If he could choose, all of his matches would be with the roof open. Still, he's one of the main favorites to win the tournament.

"If we have to play outdoor or indoor, I have to adapt my game with the conditions that it is. If I have to choose, I would choose outdoor."


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