Alcaraz Explains His Decision To Play Golf One Day Prior To His Wimbledon Start

Alcaraz Explains His Decision To Play Golf One Day Prior To His Wimbledon Start

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz was spotted by a media member playing golf the day before his first 2024 Wimbledon Championships match, and he explained why he did it.

Alcaraz made a winning start at the 2024 Wimbledon, kicking off what might end up being a successful title-defending campaign. Time will tell whether that will happen, but it was a decent showing by the Spaniard against a tricky opponent who made him work for every point.

The day before the match, Alcaraz was spotted on the golf course by a media member, who asked him about it in the post-match press conference, trying to determine whether the Spaniard uses golf to distract himself from the matches he plays.

Often, players try to focus only on their matches and spend their time in the gym or on the practice court. Alcaraz confirmed that he enjoys playing golf. He finds the atmosphere beautiful, and it helps him get his mind off of tennis and the matches.

Although he does not do it before every match, it's mostly when he finds the time to play because he enjoys it.

"Every time that I can I try to go play golf. It's something that helped me a lot to turn off my mind a little bit, not to think about the match. Just to be around the atmosphere that golf brings is a beautiful one and yeah as I said it's a sport that I love to play and anytime that I can I try to go."

He's not the only tennis player who enjoys golf. Rafael Nadal is one of the best golfers among tennis players having enjoyed it for much of his life, quite similarly to Casper Ruud, who enjoys the sport as well.

Alcaraz also favors it, and maybe we'll get to see an amateur golf event with tennis players in the future. Novak Djokovic has played it as well, so there seems to be a sufficient number of players capable of participating.


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