Alcaraz And Djokovic Among Most Googled Athletes Of 2023

Alcaraz And Djokovic Among Most Googled Athletes Of 2023

by Alex Waite

Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic were among the most searched athletes via Google in 2023.

The results perhaps come as no surprise, considering Alcaraz and Djokovic dominated the biggest ATP competitions in 2023. Overall, the duo won all four Grand Slams between them, but Djokovic edged his Spanish competitor by winning the Australian Open, Roland Garros, and US Open compared to Alcaraz's Wimbledon victory.

However, the pair were not just among the most searched tennis players worldwide, and they ranked sixth and seventh among the most searched athletes this year.

Other tennis players also featured in the most-searched list from Google and the analytics, revealed some interesting queries for the best tennis players.

Damar Hamlin topped the list of most-searched athletes ahead of Kylian Mbappe and Travis Kelce, with Djokovic being the sixth most-searched athlete while Alcaraz was right behind him in seventh.

The final trends from 2023 show a slight change from earlier in the year. In October, Alcaraz was more searched than Djokovic, for instance, while WTA world number one Iga Swiatek was the most searched female player with 15 million total search queries.

Regional searches also showed interesting data, with Jannik Sinner becoming the most-searched person in Italy, ahead of the likes of Romelu Lukaku and Shakira.

Surprisingly, Alcaraz was also the third most-searched athlete in France, with the 2023 Roland Garros finalist, Karolina Muchova, also being on the list as number 10.

With Roger Federer's retirement, tennis still remained popular in Switzerland. His long-time rival and friend, Stan Wawrinka, was the third most-searched athlete in his country, and NextGen star, Dominic Stricker was ninth on the list.

United Kingdom, which hosts the Wimbledon Championships, which Alcaraz won, saw only one tennis player on the most-searched list, with this year's champion Alcaraz placing behind Tommy Fury and Harry Kane.


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