Medvedev and Swiatek racket brand Tecnifibre set to double in size this year

Medvedev and Swiatek racket brand Tecnifibre set to double in size this year

by Tom Grant

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The makers of rackets used by players Daniil Medvedev and Iga Swiatek is set to double in size as it continues making big strides in the tennis product market.

Technifibre - traditionally known for its strings - says it expects to increase it sales twofold from 2021, largely down on the back of doubling the number of rackets sold.

The France-based company has been working with Russian Medvedev since 2017, when he was ranked outside the ATP top 300.

Back then, whilst practicing in France with a coach close to the manufacturer, Medvedev was encouraged to try out the TFight style of Tecnifibre racket, and subsequently rose through the world rankings to reach World No.1 and become US Open champion, simultaneously raising the profile of the brand.

Medvedev said: "My first two tournaments didn't go that well and I was doubting, and then I went from 330 to 99 (in the world), so I was like 'this is an amazing racket.' I thought it was strange that not that many players were using this racket, but the racket is amazing.

"Since that moment, a lot more players are playing with it, and I hope I contributed a little to the growth of the company.

"We grew up together, in a way, me in terms of rankings and Tecnifibre in terms of a company. I only wish growth for both of us."

The current World No. 4 also received a $50,000 boost from Technifibre early in his career after he won the organisation's Young Guns program, a competition for the sport's emerging talents.

"That $50,000 was quite a good find, it was amazing," the Russian added.

"That was one of the biggest helps I have ever gotten as a junior from anybody."

Technifibre pride itself on being a 'premium provider of tennis products', admitting it will never chase the mass market but instead will continue to focus their marketing efforts at grassroots and club level.

Marco Baron, North American CEO, believes the company has an ethos it is determined to stick to.

He said: "You will not see us selling balls in WalMart.

"Do we need products at certain price points to bring people in? Absolutely, but we are very clear on our channels and remain on the specialty and club side. We will absolutely remain a premium brand focusing on that segment."

Although Technifibre remains little known by many, it is very popular in Western Europe and in particularly France, with the company aiming 2023's efforts at the untapped US and Japanese markets.


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