Gauff & Djokovic Announce Cincinnati Masters Will Stay In Cincinnati Amid Move Speculations

Gauff & Djokovic Announce Cincinnati Masters Will Stay In Cincinnati Amid Move Speculations

by Evita Mueller

After talks of the Cincinnati Masters possibly moving to a different city, we now have confirmation that that will not happen.

There were rumours for a very long time that the Cincinnati Masters would be moving to a different city, but it's not going to happen as the event announced a financial investment into the complex, which should make it an even better experience for players and fans.

The event has been a longstanding one serving as a preparation for the US Open which comes not even a full week after its conclusion. The announcement came on social media and the event enlisted the help of two players to announce the great news.

This year's men's champion Novak Djokovic was joined by the women's champion Coco Gauff to announce the news in a joint video where they took turns in announcing parts of the announcement.

ND: Hello Cincinnati, your two champions here. Hey Cincinnati, we have major news. It was a thrill for me to win this summer. There were tremendous crowds with incredible energy.

CG: Your wonderful tournament is staying in Cincinnati, and it's going to be bigger and better forever. Next summer marks the 125th year and promises to be remarkable.

ND: With more than 200 million being invested in stadium improvements to raise the prestige of the tournament on a global stage.

CG: And it gets even better. In 2025, Cincinnati will extend into a 2-week competition for both men and women.

Djokovic and Gauff in the announcement

The event is one of the latest ones that will adopt the two-week format, one that is not particularly popular among players because it makes the season even longer than it already did. They further promoted the event by calling fans back next year as they will also be back.

ND: Cincinnati, I have three of your trophies. I'd love to have a 4th one in August.

CG: I'm so lucky forward to defending my title and celebrating with you guys again. Cincinnati will forever be special to me.


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