WATCH: Gauff Fights Tears After Argument With Umpire At Roland Garros

WATCH: Gauff Fights Tears After Argument With Umpire At Roland Garros

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff had an argument with umpire Aurelie Tourte during her 2024 Roland Garros semi-final against Iga Swiatek.

The 12th match between the Polish world no. 1 and the American youngster was played at the 2024 French Open. Like ten times before, Swiatek emerged victorious after a decent battle.

It wasn't the best match between the two, but it was pretty interesting for most of it. One moment that really stood out was in the second set when Gauff and the umpire went head-to-head after a controversial call that mattered.

Anytime a point is decided by the umpire, it matters, especially when it might have been 0-30 on Swiatek's serve at a crucial moment of the match.

The Pole served close to a line, and Gauff returned the ball wide. However, the line umpire called the serve out as the American player was swinging her racket, but then the chair umpire corrected it to a good ball.

Tourte then immediately gave the point to Swiatek, making it 15-15 in the game, as opposed to letting the players repeat the rally, which might have led to a 0-30 scoreline.

Gauff was not happy with it, so she went over to the umpire to see why the umpire had given Swiatek the point. According to her, the call impacted the way she returned the ball, but the umpire argued that Gauff had already finished her motion and that the call hadn't impacted her return.

After going back and forth, a defeated Gauff retreated with tears in her eyes, as the whole situation was quite emotional for her. She was losing, heading to yet another painful loss to Swiatek, but it was that game that could have sparked a bit of hope for her in the match, and the umpire's decision pushed her over the edge.

Eventually, despite the call going against her, the 2023 US Open champion was able to break in that game to lead 3-1 in the second set, but she still couldn't escape a two-set defeat, losing 2-6, 4-6.


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