WATCH: 'Cotton Eye Joe' Steals the Show After Pegula's Montreal Triumph

WATCH: 'Cotton Eye Joe' Steals the Show After Pegula's Montreal Triumph

by Sebastian Dahlman

Jessica Pegula won the 2023 Canadian Open in Montreal, and Cotton Eye Joe started playing immediately after.

If you ever wondered how songs go viral, you might have gotten an answer at this year's Canadian Open. Infamously, Cotton Eye Joe started to play in the middle of a crucial rally of the Pegula - Swiatek semi-final on Saturday. The rally was stopped as the umpire called let, with Pegula being in disbelief.

She was 'winning' the rally, so obviously, it bothered her, especially since she lost every point in the tiebreak after that. The American still pulled through, and after beating Samsonova in the final yesterday, we saw the song play once more.

This time around Pegula was quite amused by it cracking an immediate smile upon hearing it, and she even talked about it after the match. She found out later that it was the DJ's idea to play the song in case she wins.

Well, I just learned it was his idea when I won to play it again, which is hilarious. I mean, yeah, yesterday I just couldn't believe it was actually happening. I was, like, where are we right now? Of all songs. I don't even think I heard it the whole week, and it just came on in the middle of the match at a really important point.

So it was interesting. I've come to learn that I lost a lot of points consecutively after "Cotton Eye Joe" came on, so I'm glad I got over the "Cotton Eye Joe" jinx or whatever you want to call it and was able to overcome that. So today, yeah, it was just funny after I won because it was almost my downfall yesterday, but not anymore.

Check out the smile Pegula cracked when the song started playing below.


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