Teenage Prodigies Gauff & Andreeva Lauded For Their Tennis Success By Sharapova

Teenage Prodigies Gauff & Andreeva Lauded For Their Tennis Success By Sharapova

by Zachary Wimer

Maria Sharapova might be out of tennis, but the Russian still keeps up with the sport, especially with the younger generations.

The Russian was one of the last proper teenage tennis stars we saw in tennis. Sharapova's career probably never evolved the way many expected after her rise as a teenager, but it left a huge mark on the sport.

We haven't had a proper non-Serena Williams star like her since then, and that speaks volumes. There were many great players since then, very popular players, but we have never seen a global tennis star like Sharapova.

Emerging as a teenager left her quite partial to some of these young players emerging in recent years. She's keeping an eye on youngsters like Coco Gauff and, more recently, Mirra Andreeva and is amazed by how they're handling the pressures of the WTA Tour.

She touched upon the subject in a recent interview with Forbes Magazine, praising both for their recent performances, especially at the US Open and the Australian Open.

"I've loved watching a new generation rise up to the occasion. I was so impressed with how Coco handled the [US Open] victory in New York last year. Also, it’s great seeing the rise of new names and opportunities for athletes like Mirra Andreeva."

Sharapova also commented on the change in women's tennis compared to her time, and there are a few. Seemingly, there have never been so many consistent players as there are today.

There are teenagers, who are consistent machines, which is something we haven't seen in multiple decades.

"We’re seeing so much more consistency in the women's game and that has been really refreshing."

The Russian also keeps an eye on men's tennis, favoring youngsters once more. She loves to watch Carlos Alcaraz play, and her relationship with Jannik Sinner through the Piatti Academy is well documented.


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