'Taking A Lot Of Medicine': Jabeur Details Illness Battle At US Open

'Taking A Lot Of Medicine': Jabeur Details Illness Battle At US Open

by Jake Davies

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Ons Jabeur managed to edge her way through to the third round of the US Open even despite battling an ongoing problematic illness.

The Tunisian suffered another heartbreak at Wimbledon this year, coming up short in the showpiece final to unseeded Marketa Vondrousova, and she subsequently is now a losing finalist in three major finals.

Jabeur wasn't quite able to handle the nerves in the latest Wimbledon final, but will now be looking at putting things right, realising her potential, and trying to put things together when it matters to get over the line.

Her most recent quest for glory hasn't been an easy ride, having faced tough opponents and now combating an illness that has made things twice as hard for her. Jabeur disclosed the details of the illness and how it affected her in her second-round win versus the powerful Linda Noskova.

"Yeah, I've been sick since I think Thursday. I'm taking a lot of medicine. I'm doing everything I can with my team to recover. Honestly, they have amazing doctors here, so they've been helping me. Every day I'm there. I basically took every medication they have. Yeah, I mean we try and manage what my health is right now. I'm glad it was two matches, two tests for me."

"My stomach is fine. It is not the stomach. I think I've got the flu or something. I know some players got stomach issues. Not me, thankfully. But yeah, it was a great test for me today."

A Grand Slam is as much a physical test as well as a psychological one over the course of the two weeks. But on top of that, adversity can arrive in the strangest of ways, and that is something that Jabeur is finding out this fortnight. She may just capture her first Grand Slam title next Saturday, but it will be under the most challenging of circumstances.


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