Swiatek Receives Personal Note From Taylor Swift After Visiting Her Concert

Swiatek Receives Personal Note From Taylor Swift After Visiting Her Concert

by Zachary Wimer

Iga Swiatek is a huge fan of Taylor Swift, and she went to her concert recently and even got a personal note from the singer.

Taylor Swift is arguably the most famous artist in the world right now. She's topping all the charts, filling out stadiums, and attracting even fellow celebrities and successful people. She's got many fans, among them the best WTA player in the world, Iga Swiatek.

The Polish player is a huge fan of music and listens to a wide variety of it, but she has clear her number one, and that is Taylor Swift. The Polish player now got a chance to see her favorite artist live, and it was an amazing experience for her.

She posted about it on social media from the concert venue, and there was something special to be seen there. She actually received a handwritten note from Swift.

Obviously, we don't know what exactly the note said because that's private. Still, eagle-eyed fans also decrypted the first lines of the note given to the Polish player, which reads: "Iga, congratulations on winning the French Open."

The photo shows her with tears in her eyes, demonstrating how amazing the experience was. The social media post was accompanied by a description, in which the world no. 1 player admitted to crying a lot during the concert.

"I'm dead. Yes, I cried many times during the show. Yes, it was incredible. You are amazing."

Swiatek on seeing Taylor Swift in person

It's a great way for Swiatek to celebrate winning Roland Garros before returning to the courts for the grass season. It's not a part of the season she enjoys much, but she wants to do well, even though she withdrew from the upcoming Berlin Open, as she wanted to have more time to recover.


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