Pregnant Bencic Deflects Question About 'Private Decision' Ahead Of Possibly Last Tournament

Pregnant Bencic Deflects Question About 'Private Decision' Ahead Of Possibly Last Tournament

by Sebastian Dahlman

Belinda Bencic is in Seville with the Swiss Billie Jean King Cup team, but we don't know whether she'll actually play at the event.

Bencic has had a lot of success with the Swiss team in the competition in previous years. Switzerland has high hopes this time around as well, but we don't know if we'll actually see Bencic play. The reason is simple - she is pregnant.

The happy news was announced relatively recently on social media. It's been a strange year for Bencic competitively. She had some good moments and played really well at times, but she hasn't played much recently.

We don't know whether that has anything to do with the pregnancy or how far along she really is as she deflected any of the questions about it as a "private decision."

Players have played pregnant before, but Bencic wouldn't give a clear response when asked by reporters in Seville. She basically just said that they'll have to wait and see.

We will see that, the main combination of the team, like always.

Bencic when asked whether she'll play.

The response she gave is a bit odd as she didn't really hint at either playing or not playing. She could be just there to support her teammates, which wouldn't be anything new.

Injured players often did that in the past. There was generally a lot of interest from the media about her pregnancy, but she deflected any questions about that.

I think it's a private decision.

Bencic on becoming pregnant during her playing days

At this time, very little is coming out of the Swiss camp ahead of the Billie Jean King Cup. With Bencic they're a pretty compact and strong squad but without Bencic, they're somewhat lacking firepower to go against some of the best.

They'll have chances, but the rest of the team is highly inconsistent, which could be good, and bad depending on which version shows up on that day.


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