Pegula Reveals What Was Said Between 'Silenced' Players On Podium

Pegula Reveals What Was Said Between 'Silenced' Players On Podium

by Evita Mueller

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In a recent press conference, Jessica Pegula revealed the circumstances behind the silenced players at the 2023 Madrid Open WTA doubles final.

The 2023 Madrid Open WTA doubles final left everyone in the tennis community baffled and upset. The finalists were prohibited from speaking after the match, creating a wave of controversy that has persisted for days.

As the tennis world continues to discuss this peculiar incident, Jessica Pegula, who is set to compete in the upcoming Italian Open, shared her perspective on the matter, wondering what century were the organizers living in when making the decision.

Pegula recounted the awkwardness and confusion that ensued when the players found out that they were not allowed to speak. She explained that after receiving their trophies, Victoria Azarenka and Beatriz Haddad Maia realized that there would be no speeches. It wasn't until they noticed the absence of a microphone that the players realized something was amiss.

"It was kind of awkward. Nobody really knew what to do. We got our trophies. Vika and Bea got theirs. The guy was like, Now you go up on the podium and take one together."

According to Pegula, fellow WTA player's council member Azarenka was the one who initially realized that they won't be allowed to speak as the players started discussing the situation among themselves.

"Then Vika turned to us and said, There's no speeches. We were like, What? She was like, We're not allowed to talk. We kind of realized there's no microphone set up, there's nothing. It was very kind of like rushed."

This confusion led to the players discussing the matter among themselves on the podium, attempting to make sense of the bizarre situation.

"I don't know who told her specifically or what they specifically said to her, but that's kind of why we were all on the podium talking. She was so confused. We were all kind of like, What, this is so weird."

Adding to the peculiar atmosphere, one of the organizers urged the players to pose for pictures, repeating the phrase "take pictures, take pictures." Overwhelmed by the oddness of the situation, the players quickly snapped a photo before leaving the court.

"The guy was like, Turn around, take pictures, take pictures. We were like, What? What is going on? We kind of took a quick picture and stormed off the court, to be honest."


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