Pegula Hints At End of Doubles Partnership With Gauff Post 2024 Olympics

Pegula Hints At End of Doubles Partnership With Gauff Post 2024 Olympics

by Alex Waite

Jessica Pegula and Coco Gauff's doubles partnership could come to an end after the 2024 Olympics.

The American duo have been competing in the 2023 WTA Finals in both the singles and doubles events. While the pair have impressed in the singles draw, fortunes have been less favourable in doubles as the pair have lost their two opening matches.

Ultimately, there are demands on both players to reach the top of their game on both fronts, which has led to question marks about the pair's doubles future.

When speaking to the Tennis Channel, Pegula feels Gauff's success at the US Open has caused a re-think in their approach, but the 29-year-old also explained that the duo have already targetted the 2024 Olympics in Paris as a potential final challenge.

"Especially with Coco Gauff winning US Open, you know, I'm sure she's set on really doing well at the Slams, so we'll see,"

"We definietly want to play Olympics next year. I think so, maybe once we get past that we'll rethink about it but yeah. It's just gonna happen, so maybe."

Pegula told the Tennis Channel

Pegula and Gauff have achieved monumental success in doubles, as they have won five titles, and the duo are top of the WTA doubles rankings. But both players have started to show improving form in singles, which has led the team to prioritize singles events moving forward.

"I played like 120 matches like combined with everything. And so yeah next year, I think Coco Gauff and I will probably play less doubles we want to try and focus on singles."

"Again, it didn't mean to happen like that. Like we just kind of bolt started winning at both at the same time and we were all playing the same events so at the time, we're like okay let's just play, and we kept winning."


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