Paula Badosa Hoping to Turn Things Around in Madrid

Paula Badosa Hoping to Turn Things Around in Madrid

by Sebastian Dahlman

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Paula Badosa has not been enjoying a very good year so far with Spaniard dealing with injuries, bad form, and some bad luck as well.

It's been an odd year for Badosa who started decently in Australia before getting injured. Since returning, the Spaniard struggled with form and finding consistency as she generally plays really well and then losses in the next match. It's hard to pinpoint what is going wrong but in her own words, she is lacking a bit of luck in some of these matches.

I’ve been doing some great work, hopefully the turning point in the season will come in Madrid. In matches against the best in the world I’m lacking a bit of luck for them to fall to me. My level’s good and I’m excited to play. Hopefully this week those matches go my way.

Her level certainly looked very good in Stuttgart last week where she had a very good chance to defeat good friend and eventual finalist Aryna Sabalenka but ultimately the Belarusian proved better. It was a confidence-building outing though, an important match before she boarded a plane to fly back home to Spain.

She played well here in the so it's very likely that Badosa does find a spark. The conditions play in her favour, she'll have crowd support and her competitive nature will certainly drive her in every match. She even cheekily admitted that she wants to be in the semi-finals.

I’m very competitive, I love winning, I’d like to be in the semi-finals, but I don’t think that’s what I should be focusing on right now, I have to focus on getting back to my best mentally, it’s a difficult but amazing week.

It remains to be seen whether she will truly live up to her prediction but the most important thing for her is to win a few matches and build up her confidence for the next events.



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