'Not Allowed To Quit': Venus Williams Sets Sight On Sunshine Double After Injury Hiatus

'Not Allowed To Quit': Venus Williams Sets Sight On Sunshine Double After Injury Hiatus

by Zachary Wimer

Venus Williams is not giving up on her tennis career as she targets the Sunshine Double for her return to the courts.

The American's is iconic for many different reasons, but part of it will end up being her insistence on not giving up. She's far from her best days, and everybody knows it, but she still keeps going.

That's admirable because her legacy is safe, and she doesn't need to do all of this. Last year's Wimbledon efforts were spectacular, but unfortunately, they ended due to an injury that has recently become a common theme for Williams.

She's been working hard on making her way to the courts, but when she does get there, it's really hard to stay on them. She's away from the sport right now but is determined to make a return, as revealed in a recent video she posted. She wants to play at the Sunshine Double and is working hard towards that goal.

"One of my big goals is to play United States, to play in Miami Open and the Indian Wells. I have not played there since 2019 due to injuries. It's a long time."

"These next tournaments will be in 2024, it's a lot of years not to play at home. So that's of course one of my big goals on the horizon, is to be there, prepare to do that. Amongst many goals on the court too."

The use of the word 'goals' is ambitious because Williams clearly has a couple of more goals besides just playing, and that's respectale. On top of that, Venus also jokingly revealed that her sister Serena told her not to quit.

"My little sister Serena told me I am not allowed to quit and of course I would never quit. Butt it's the mandate, she said no. So I will be back on the court."


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