'See You At Work At 3AM, No Whining Pls': Kasatkina Responds To Scheduling Criticism

'See You At Work At 3AM, No Whining Pls': Kasatkina Responds To Scheduling Criticism

by Alex Waite

Daria Kasatkina produced a tongue-in-cheek response to recent criticism about playing times scheduled by the WTA in recent competitions.

Two-time Grand Slam winner Victoria Azarenka recently hit out at the WTA's organisation over scheduling times and admitted that she was left "frustrated" about not knowing when her second-round match at the 2023 Cincinnati Masters would take place.

In addition, former Wimbledon champion Elena Rybakina recently said her playing levels were impacted by a 3 a.m. finish in the Canadian Open quarter-final against Kasatkina. However, despite Rybakina referring to the early morning finish as "unprofessional," some of the fans on social media were thinking that players were just 'whining'.

When replying to one of the outspoken comments about scheduling times on Twitter, Kasatkina replied with a funny response, referencing her early morning finish at the Canadian Open.

"See you at work at 3am🥰 and no whining pls!!!"

Recently, the weather has affected the schedule of play at the 2023 Canadian Open and Wimbledon which have had knock-on effects on finish times and the order of play that has carried over into subsequent days.

Some players, like Azarenka and Sloane Stephens, who are both members of the WTA Player's Council, have asked the WTA to look for alternatives to prevent early morning finishes at events.

Arguably, poor scheduling can affect players with later finishes as the recovery time before their next match might be less compared to their upcoming opponent, However, no concrete alternatives to the existing scheduling procedures have been put forward or proposed by players or the WTA and Azarenka was scathing in her initial criticism of poor organisation at events.

"These late finishes aren’t benefitting anyone. They’re not benefitting fans, tournaments, or broadcasting because there are no primetime spots, and it’s impossible to find tennis on TV or anywhere. You’re looking for it like it’s some treasure."

Azarenka on WTA scheduling


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