'Nightmare': Garcia Breaks Down In Tears After Disappointing Loss In Rome

'Nightmare': Garcia Breaks Down In Tears After Disappointing Loss In Rome

by Sebastian Dahlman

Caroline Garcia was really sad after losing in the third round of the 2023 Italian Open in Rome to Camila Osorio.

The life of athletes is always full of ups and downs and it's no different on the WTA Tour. The 29-year-old knows that as she finished the 2017 season as the world no. 8, but then ended her 2021 season as world no. 74, her lowest since 2013.

However, the 2022 season was a great success for Garcia, who won four titles and ended it as the world number four. But after a very good season, the expectations are high for the next year and everything doesn't have to go according to the plan.

And that's something that the French player is experiencing right now. Although she's managing to win matches with a 22-11 record in 2023, she's currently struggling on the clay courts, winning only three of her six matches on the red dirt.

Earlier this year, Garcia showed her frustration after she lost in the Monterrey final and this time, she broke down in tears when talking to L'Equipe after a two-set loss to Camila Osorio from Colombia in the third round of the 2023 Italian Open in Rome.

"I sank on my own. I'm making the effort, but it doesn't work. I would like to know why, to be able to control it. But no, it's sinking me more and more. Instead to enjoy the moment on the court, it becomes a nightmare."

Not playing as expected is something that is very difficult to deal with for players and Garcia has it the same. After finishing the last season so high, she knows that she's capable of playing well, but it just doesn't click for her sometimes this year.

"For a few weeks, and even since the beginning of the year, I have had bad timings. I misread the trajectories. Surely a problem of concentration, of game reading. I find it difficult to explain it."

The French player knows that she's doing things well in practice, but when she steps onto the court, she's suddenly not able to do it again and that's something that frustrates her.

"I make the effort, I feel like I'm doing things well and I want to go all the way. Except that, when I arrive on the court, everything I've done well, I don't do it anymore. After a while, I would like to know why, at least manage to control it and change that."


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