Osaka Sheds Light On Her Schedule For Rest Of 2024 After Australian Open Exit

Osaka Sheds Light On Her Schedule For Rest Of 2024 After Australian Open Exit

by Zachary Wimer

Naomi Osaka plans to play a lot of tennis during this comeback, and we know what her future schedule will look like.

It's been a long time since Osaka played tennis regularly because she took time off due to mental health issues, and then she enjoyed the beautiful months of pregnancy. The latter proved to be quite a blessing for Osaka, who enjoyed it very much and rediscovered her love for tennis thanks to it as well.

The comeback started in Brisbane with a win and a loss and continued at the Australian Open, where she unfortunately ran into an inspired Caroline Garcia, who played a flawless match.

The schedule will be quite packed for Osaka, who revealed after that loss how her coach recommended her to play as much tennis as possible.

"Yeah, I mean, Wim just talked to me about playing a lot more matches. I don't know if he wants to add stuff."

Osaka on her coach's recommendation

She lacks matches, which was painfully obvious in Brisbane and Melbourne. The more she plays, the better she'll be, and that's the goal. Her schedule, as of now, includes Dubai Championships, Indian Wells, Miami Open, Charleston Open, and, as she said, 'like a full clay season.'

 I'm definitely thinking of playing Dubai, Indian Wells, Miami, Charleston, then probably like a full clay season.

Osaka on her schedule

That's a pretty packed schedule for Osaka, who probably hasn't played such a full schedule in a very long time. It will be exciting to see what she can do and when she'll be back to her best.

In an earlier interview, Osaka admitted that she anticipates it will happen around the Sunshine double in March, and that seems reasonable enough. We'll see what hte future holds but for now expect her to show up in Dubai in the coming weeks.


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