'It Was More About Me Than Her': Sabalenka On Disappointing US Open Final Loss

'It Was More About Me Than Her': Sabalenka On Disappointing US Open Final Loss

by Sebastian Dahlman

Aryna Sabalenka started off really well in the US Open final but got increasingly frustrated as the match went on, resulting in a loss.

It was a rather interesting matchup on paper and even more fascinating to watch unfold on the court. Predictably, Sabalenka easily overpowered Gauff from the baseline to start the match, but the American had an ace up her sleeve - movement.

She's one of the quickest players on the WTA Tour and, as the match went on, moved sharper, giving Sabalenka a lot of problems to find holes. She started to think and miss more, and it kind of spiralled out of control from there. Sabalenka never found her precision after the first set.

Well, I will say that in the first set I was dealing with my emotions quite good. I was focused on myself, not on the crowd or the way she move. Yeah, I mean, definitely she was moving just unbelievable today.

I mean, the good news is that it's me against me. The bad one is that I'm still having these issues playing against myself, I would say (smiling). But it's okay. I'll work harder so next time I'm not going to get even a little bit tired on court, and so I'll be better, yeah.

The loss disappointed Sabalenka, but she kept a good spirit for the match. She will be number one, and the season isn't over with a few more big events coming up. The loss was just a combination of factors not going her way, which happens.

It's a combination of everything. But I would say that today was more because of me. Like, that is, not the whole match, but, like, there was key moments in the second set which the one I lost, I mean, the moments I lost, and those moments helped her to turn around the game. 

Afterwards, it was just, like, of course her unbelievable defending game. But, like, I would say that just because of that, like, key moments in the second set where it was more about me than her, I lost this match.


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