'I Just Want To Focus On Tennis': Gauff Not Planning To Start Business Soon

'I Just Want To Focus On Tennis': Gauff Not Planning To Start Business Soon

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff is not thinking about winning in the business waters for now, as she hopes to focus solely on her tennis.

Gauff is a teenager who has done tremendous things both on and off the court. The American has a lot of aspirations as well, though she's only done a handful of them yet. Luckily, time is on her side, and she has her priorities straight.

Despite having huge potential in many areas of life, the 19-year-old is completely set on tennis as her biggest priority right now. She made a huge breakthrough last year by winning the US Open and wants to keep that momentum going.

Business can wait for now, though she'll want to return to it in the future, as she revealed after her first win at the 2024 Indian Wells Open, which is a WTA 1000 tournament in the Sunshine Double series.

"But it's definitely something I want to do later on in my career. You know, I don't know in what world that would be in. I mean, yeah, I can't tell you. I love beauty and fashion, so maybe something in that world."

Gauff is not entirely different in that regard from many other tennis players and athletes. Most of them, sooner or later, use their platform and resources to venture into business, and the American has some great examples to follow.

"But, like, again, I haven't really brainstormed. I'm not planning on starting anything anytime soon. I think I just want to focus on tennis. But I would say towards the later half of my career, I don't know what the later half will look like, but maybe, like, closer to 30, it might be something I actually try to set."

Serena and Venus Williams have done it, as did Maria Sharapova and, more recently, her contemporary Naomi Osaka. It will be interesting to see what Gauff ends up pursuing, but as she said, we're years away from that.


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