'Happiest Girl On Earth' Badosa Resumes Training With Spain Representation In Mind

'Happiest Girl On Earth' Badosa Resumes Training With Spain Representation In Mind

by Sebastian Dahlman

Paula Badosa hasn't played since Wimbledon but is back to practicing as of recently, hoping to play at the 2023 Billie Jean King Cup Finals.

It's been a very strange season for Paula Badosa, who played really good tennis when she was fully healthy. Her major problem was the injuries that kept her away from the courts for much of this year.

In fact, the last time she played tennis was at Wimbledon, where she had to retire in her 2nd round match. The return at Wimbledon actually came after a two-month break due to another injury.

It's been like that for much of this year, as she only totalled 27 matches so far. While she was away from the course, she was still around tennis, following her boyfriend Stefanos Tsitsipas on the Tour.

There were some practices as well, but it was only recently that she returned to practicing fully, which she admitted on Instagram. She posted a picture from practice explaining that she's the happiest girl on Earth after being able to return to what she loves doing.

"Amazing! Happiest girl on earth just being able to do what I love again, but I'm exhausted! SOS."

Badosa about returning to practice

There aren't many events that she could play until the finish of the year, but the Billie Jean King Cup Finals are certainly one of them. The event is coming up shortly as it will begin on November 7th and conclude on November 12th.

The reason why Badosa would want to play is because Spain is hosting the event in Seville. Playing in front of home fans would delight her, as it's been a while since she did that. She's part of the team, and in many ways, she's the star of a team that could do some damage. We'll see if everything works out well.


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