'Do Better': Halep's Former Coach Cahill Slams WTA Amid Another Doping Hearing Delay

'Do Better': Halep's Former Coach Cahill Slams WTA Amid Another Doping Hearing Delay

by Nurein Ahmed

Darren Cahill, the ex-coach of Simona Halep, has leaped into the Romanian's defense again and called out tennis' governing bodies for their unfair handling of her case.

Halep and Cahill enjoyed a productive partnership. Under the Australian's guidance, the Romanian star won two Grand Slams and ascended to the world No. 1. After six years together, they split in 2021 after mutually agreeing to end their alliance.

Cahill has since landed a gig working with Italy's ATP rising star Jannik Sinner. But he has been in the loop with regards to Halep's life since she the former WTA No. 1 was provisionally suspended from the Tour. Halep can't play tennis tournaments as she eagerly awaits a verdict from the anti-doping tribunal.

So far, Halep's fate is undecided despite presenting her arguments with her lawyers at the end of June at the London District Court. Cahill is one one of many sympathizers of the current tumultuous situation, explaining that the relevant bodies handling the case have a duty of care towards Halep, but have failed in that aspect.

"Another delay. The details of this case will eventually come to light but regardless of the outcome, this process has been handled appallingly by the ITF & ITIA. Zero care or concern for the athlete or her well-being with this case dragging on for nearly 12-months and still no judgement or resolution.

Cahill posted on his Insta stories

"I respect our testing program and a fair process but this has been anything but fair. Simona deserves the right to get on with her career and/or her life. At the moment she can do neither. No player should ever have to go through a process of delays like this again."

Earlier this year, he backed Simona Halep to come through the ordeal, unequivocally stating that Halep was innocent. Cahill also called his former charge an extraordinary person who made him realise his greatest joy after Halep won two Grand Slams. In his latest post on Instagram, Cahill is championing protection rights so that players are entitled to a climactic resolution.

"The WTA, the board and the player council need to do better to ensure the players have some protection and rights to a quicker resolution. At the moment, they have none."


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