'Good Things Are 100% Going To Happen': Raducanu Shines With Confidence

'Good Things Are 100% Going To Happen': Raducanu Shines With Confidence

by Zachary Wimer

Emma Raducanu is back to her former fully confident self after a solid run at the 2024 Nottingham Open, which makes her a dangerous player at Wimbledon.

The Brit returned earlier this year after many months of absence due to triple surgery, which she underwent last year. She dealt with many physical ailments and, after failing to play through them, went the surgical route.

The recovery was long but very worthwhile because now, Raducanu is back to feeling her former self. Her return to grass happened at the Nottingham Open, and it was a very positive development for the Brit, who is now hoping to continue that at the Eastbourne International and then at Wimbledon.

Speaking to the media, Raducanu confirmed that she hasn't really felt this good about her tennis in a while.

"I would say right before Nottingham it happened. I’m just really grateful to have this feeling against because it’s something that I feel like I’ve been missing in a way for the last few years."

Raducanu on feeling confident in her tennis

"I haven’t felt this good about my tennis and just excited about it and passionate for a long, long time. Good things are 100% going to happen."

In her first match in Eastbourne, she has to face Sloane Stephens, who is a fellow Grand Slam and US Open champion. Raducanu's decision to play in the week before Wimbledon is interesting, but she likely felt a need for a few more matches before the major, and competing at the WTA 500 tournament could also help her with her ranking.

"I have full faith and belief in that now and I can actually say it and mean it at the same time rather than just saying it. Now I just love what I’m doing. I think that’s the best place to be."

Raducanu on enjoying tennis


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