Gauff's US Open Win On 50th Anniversary Of Equal Prize Money 'Was Really Appropriate'

Gauff's US Open Win On 50th Anniversary Of Equal Prize Money 'Was Really Appropriate'

Billie Jean King was in attendance for Coco Gauff's amazing US Open final in which she beat Aryna Sabalenka to win her maiden Grand Slam title.

Ever since Gauff arrived in tennis, Billie Jean King has supported her. She's always firmly believed in her talent; seeing her finally win a big trophy was fantastic, especially on a special anniversary.

As any fan, King was waiting for Gauff to win, and having it be in New York at the event where she famously refused to take less money was just a full circle moment of the legendary player.

In her recent exclusive interview for Sky Sports, King spoke about Gauff and her US Open win, praising Gauff for being a fantastic role model to young girls worldwide.

"It was fantastic. We've all been very anxious for her to win a major. Her winning was very exciting. We were celebrating 50 years of equal prize money for women, so it was really appropriate that she won.

King on Gauff's US Open win

She's a really great kid. Although she's not really a kid anymore, she's starting to be an adult. She's got a wonderful family and I was really happy for her. And it was great for the United States because when you have someone homegrown do well, like with Andy Murray for instance, [Emma] Raducanu, it helps get children into our sport. And that's what I like; I want us to grow tennis.

Being a role model for young players and girls, especially worldwide, is something Gauff takes seriously. She tries to present herself in the best possible way both on the court and off the court.

So far, she's succeeded in being an amazing professional on the court, as well as being very aware of her platform. She used it to speak up about things that matter often and plans to do so in the future.


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