Gauff Tipped To Win Another Grand Slam Title In 2024: 'Wimbledon Makes Most Sense'

Gauff Tipped To Win Another Grand Slam Title In 2024: 'Wimbledon Makes Most Sense'

by Evita Mueller

Coco Gauff won her maiden Grand Slam trophy in 2023, and Martina Navratilova thinks number two is coming in 2024.

Gauff has had an amazing finish to the 2023 year, and while some would argue that the season was great overall, there were certain moments when the American teenager struggled with her game.

She started with an early trophy but then couldn't play her best tennis on the WTA Tour for some time. It wasn't until the US Open stretch that she found her tennis again and started doing some incredible things.

She won the US Open, which was a hugely important moment for her, but now it's about doing it again. She wants more; she's going to work for more, and according to Martina Navratilova, who talked to WTA, she will get more next year.

I would be surprised if she doesn’t win another major this year, and Wimbledon makes the most sense. I think it’s on grass because she’s better at the net than any of them and moves forward so well. That and her improved drop shot.

Navratilova on Gauff winning another Grand Slam

I think you’ll see that across the board next year, the [Carlos] Alcaraz influence on the sport. For me, Coco should be the favorite on grass. Particularly since by her own admission, it’s Iga’s most challenging surface.

Navratilova picks Gauff as potential Wimbledon winner

It's an interesting take from Navratilova, especially about Wimbledon, considering that Gauff hasn't done anything of note at Wimbledon for a while now. She lost early in 2023 against Sofia Kenin, which wasn't good, but she can play well on the surface.

Nothing would indicate that she's not a good fit on grass. Winning a second Grand Slam in itself isn't a hugely shocking take.

Many would be surprised if she actually didn't win one. Time will tell, but the competition is fierce especially after many players stepped up in a meaningful way this year.


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