Gauff Admits She Pushed To Finish Her Miami Opener Fast To Avoid Another Rain Delay

Gauff Admits She Pushed To Finish Her Miami Opener Fast To Avoid Another Rain Delay

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff admitted that after her swift win over Nadia Podoroska, she had rushed to complete her match before the rain.

Friday's Miami Open program wasn't fully played because of rain. It was expected to happen because the prognosis was terrible, with rain expected for the entirety of the day. Eventually, play did start, and fans were able to see a few matches completed.

One of those was the one between Coco and Podoroska, which was a swift 6-1, 6-2 win for the American. After the match, the 20-year-old admitted to the media that she was rushing to finish her match because she didn't want to have to come back to the court the next day.

"I'm from here, so I know that's like rain coming any second. That's when I thought about the weather. It was like, Okay, let's get it done. Especially a match like this where you're so close to finishing."

"I honestly didn't want to come out here tomorrow where it's supposed to rain and wait all day again to play. I was like, Let me try to get it done as quick as possible."

Players were well aware of the prognosis and acted accordingly. Quite a few matches had a really fast pace, so the play ultimately ended with eight completed matches, which is amazing for a day when nobody expected any tennis.

Gauff herself knows Florida weather quite well, so she knew what was coming when the clouds got a bit darker.

"Just playing the match. I mean, you can't control the weather. Honestly, it was looking so promising when I stepped on the court. I was like, Maybe it won't rain again today."

"I didn't really think about trying to finish until the last game of the match when I kind of saw it getting darker, then they turned on the lights, the temperature dropped."


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