'Every Loss Weighs On Me Heavy': Gauff Brutally Honest After Miami Defeat

'Every Loss Weighs On Me Heavy': Gauff Brutally Honest After Miami Defeat

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff's run at the 2024 Miami Open was cut short in the fourth round, and she admitted after the match that it's going to weigh on her heavily.

This year has been a very interesting experience for the young American. She's won a lot of matches but doesn't really have many trophies to show off. It started well with another trophy in Auckland, but since then, it's been kind of a mixed bag.

She has had a couple of solid wins but generally rather disappointing campaigns. Winning the US Open last year certainly changed expectations for this year dramatically.

Trophies were largely expected, but she hasn't been able to deliver them yet. With her loss at the Miami Open, Gauff ensured she went empty-handed from the Sunshine Double, and she wasn't afraid to admit it would weigh on her.

Speaking after her loss, she admitted that every loss impacts her because she's just that type of player. It's not the end of the world, but she has some regrets after losing a match she thought she largely controlled.

"I think I'm the type of person every loss kind of weighs on me heavy, especially one like today where I felt like I could have done better and I felt like I had the match in control, especially after the second. Honestly, if anything, it kind of helps being home so I can just drive and be home and be in my own bed (smiling)."

Gauff on the Miami Open exit

There won't be much time to think about things because the season will pick up quickly. She will play in Stuttgart in the coming weeks, after which a long and brutal clay season will unfold.

She's been a solid clay performer for years, so hopefully, her fortunes will turn for the better in the coming months. Expectations certainly do exist, both internally and externally.


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