'Don't Want To Talk About Bakery': Swiatek Wants To Respect Opponents After Double Bagel Win

'Don't Want To Talk About Bakery': Swiatek Wants To Respect Opponents After Double Bagel Win

by Balasz Virag

Iga Swiatek doesn't want to talk about bagel sets out of respect for her opponents but she's certainly not shy about handing them out on the court.

Her most recent match at the 2023 Roland Garros against Xinyu Wang saw the young Pole serving up the 3rd and 4th bagel set at the event so far. She has four of them in 3 matches out of six possible sets so she's clearly demolishing all of her opponents.

It's not something she actively tries to do on the court in the sense of wanting to win 6-0 but she just focuses on winning every point and sometimes it happens.

She's talked about it in the past highlighting that she doesn't really like to talk about it because it seems disrespectful to her opponents. She reiterated that once more when asked about this double-bagle performance at Roland Garros.

Look, like, I don't want to really talk about that, because I really get why people do that, because it's fun and tennis entertainment and everything. But like from player's point of view, I want to kind of be respectful to my opponents and, you know, you don't see the stuff that is behind the scenes. Sometimes it's not easy to play such matches and sometimes it's not easy also for the opponents.

Famously described as Iga's Bakery, Swiatek wasn't moved by that nickname as well maintaining that she doesn't really want to talk about it. As she said before, she'll leave that to tennis Twitter and just focus on the court.

I don't want to talk about the bakery. Twitter can talk about it but I'm just going to be focused on tennis. And, yeah, with respect to my opponents, I really don't want to get into that.

The best way to avoid talking about the bakery would be to shut it down but that's not going to happen as the three-time Grand Slam champion is as dominant on the tennis court as ever.


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