'Don't Want To Be Fake': Sabalenka On Her Spontaneous Personality

'Don't Want To Be Fake': Sabalenka On Her Spontaneous Personality

by Jordan Reynolds

Aryna Sabalenka was asked about her contrasting personalities on and off-court, and her response was a fascinating one.

The Indian Wells Open was just her second tournament since winning the Australian Open at the start of that season. Her first match in California was an incredible win, where she saved four match points against Peyton Stearns.

This was followed by a battle of the Grand Slam champions against Emma Raducanu. Sabalenka managed to overpower Raducanu to win what was a high-quality affair between the pair.

However, her time in Indian Wells then came to an unexpected end. Emma Navarro stunned Sabalenka in front of her home fans in three sets to claim an amazing victory on Court 1.

Sabalenka was asked about this defeat in her press conference but was then given an interesting question about her differing personalities on and off-court, with the Belarusian fierce on-court but much more easy-going when not competing.

The two-time Australian Open champion discussed how she was just being herself and was not attempting to make anyone in the tennis world like her by how she acts.

"If people don't understand that, it's not like i'm trying to make them like me.  It's just the way I am, and there will always be people who understand that and there is always people who will not."

Sabalenka then elaborated further by saying that she did not want to be fake, and that she feels it is better to be real and true to who she really is.

"I'm just the way I am. I don't want to be fake. I want to be real. This is the way I am.  I really want them to understand and, yeah, to understand me."

Finally, Sabalenka said that tennis was her job and that she wanted to succeed as much as she could, which could bring out a crazy side in her that was not seen off-court.

"I mean, on court that's my, I don't know, that's my job and that's what I'm really crazy about, I want to do well. That's why I'm a little bit crazy there. And off-court, I'm just normal person."


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