Danielle Collins Confirms Intention To Retire From Tennis After 2024 Season

Danielle Collins Confirms Intention To Retire From Tennis After 2024 Season

by Zachary Wimer

Danielle Collins announced recently that she will retire after the 2024 season, and she stands by that decision.

Collins's career has been quite interesting as the American hit a very high level at times, even making the Australian Open final. She also dealt with many repeated injuries, which caused her to miss a lot of time. In some ways, it spoiled this final part of her career, which, results-wise, was her best one.

Well, injuries and everything else ultimately pushed her to decide that this year would be her final one, and that was quite a surprise. Perhaps it's not the most shocking thing, but the sport will certainly lose a big talent. It also makes every event she plays quite bittersweet.

That's one of the reasons she showed up in the Middle East, to compete and bid farewell to this part of the world because she won't be returning as a tennis player. She could have skipped it, but she wants to play as much as possible while she still can.

"At this point I could've easily not come over here, not played tournaments and just focused on the US swing or just getting ready for French Open or something like that. But I really wanted to get more matches and compete. I’m still playing, so it’s not over yet."

She also reiterated that this will be her last season on the WTA Tour and that it's not something that will be changing. It's good to see a tennis player determined and comfortable with the decision to retire.

"I feel like I’m in good form even though it’s my last year. I feel like I needed an end date. I’ve enjoyed my time on tour and had fun and gotten to have some amazing experiences I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Right now it’s not over yet. I’m still competing and battling."


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