'Crazy, Tournament Doesn't Care': Wawrinka Joins Critics Of Late Finishes In Paris

'Crazy, Tournament Doesn't Care': Wawrinka Joins Critics Of Late Finishes In Paris

by Sebastian Dahlman

Stan Wawrinka added his name to the list of players who were stunned by the way the Paris Masters scheduled matches.

Jannik Sinner's case brought it to mainstream media attention, yet Wawrinka was the first player to deal with it. At the start of the week, Wawrinka endured a very late start to his match against Dominic Thiem.

The Austrian ultimately won that match, but nobody really talked about the fact that it finished well beyond 2 a.m. local time.

Beyond the singles, Wawrinka was in the doubles draw as well, and his match the next day had a fairly early start the next day at 15:00. He couldn't believe it and ultimately pulled out from the doubles event because of it.

However, not a lot of attention was brought to the Swiss player's story. On the other hand, Sinner's case did get a lot of coverage.

The Italian finished at nearly 3 a.m. only to have to play 14 hours later. Beyond being forced to play one of the earlier matches in the day, Sinner could have easily avoided all of that.

His match was the final one on the main court but it could have been moved to another court to ensure a sooner finish, but as always, money does the talking. Wawrinka had enough of it, which he conveyed on social media.

It’s crazy. Tournament doesn’t care and ATP just follow what the tournament will want! Always the same story …

Wawrinka responds to the Sinner story

In a follow-up comment on X, Wawrinka also mentioned his own situation with the scheduling, where he finished at 2.30 a.m. the previous night only to have to play the following day at 15:00.

Monday I finished 2:30 am I was suppose to play doubles next day 3pm!

Wawrinka on his own bad scheduling experience at the Paris Masters


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