'Best Women's Athlete To Play Tennis': Gauff Backed For Success By Petchey

'Best Women's Athlete To Play Tennis': Gauff Backed For Success By Petchey

by Evita Mueller

Former player and current tennis analyst Mark Petchey backed Coco Gauff for future success due to her tremendous physical talents.

Many have observed over the years that Coco Gauff could have easily played multiple sports based on physical talent alone, as she's incredibly quick, very nimble, and just blessed with excellent tools. She chose tennis, and she certainly shouldn't regret the choice, especially after finally becoming a Grand Slam champion recently.

All of her talents were on display in the 2023 US Open final, as she overcame a slow start by frustrating her opponent with her tremendous defensive skills. Not many players are capable of that because they haven't been blessed with her physique, and ultimately, that proved key. Once the match started turning, she used her tennis talents to finish Sabalenka off.

Former player Mark Petchey is certain she's going to be amazing in the future because of that alone. According to him, Gauff is the best athlete to play tennis, which is probably true. It's hard to determine, but she certainly has a compelling case.

It gonna be up to other players on the tour to kinda counter the way that she’s moving the ball around, particularly on the forehand side. I don’t know – I don’t think we’ve seen a better athlete in women’s tennis, and that’s something else that’s gonna be a problem for that lot of the players out there, and plus the pressure’s off.

I think she’s the best women’s athlete to ever play tennis. You cannot tell me, the tennis -- even when Steffi Graf was around, who I think, in my mind, was the second greatest women’s tennis player athlete of all time -- you can’t tell me that the sport was played at the same speed back then than it is now.

Her first event since the US Open is coming up in a few days in Beijing. She has already practiced ahead of that match.


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