Badosa Hopes To Win Australian Open Together With Tsitsipas In Same Year

Badosa Hopes To Win Australian Open Together With Tsitsipas In Same Year

by Nurein Ahmed

Paula Badosa is having a nightmare year due to injuries, but a dream one away from the rigors of a tennis court in the company of her boyfriend Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Badosa has been speaking to Greece's SDNA publication in an extensive interview where she talks of her relationship with Stefanos Tsitsipas, the nature of her injury and expected return date, and her dream of winning the Australian Open together with her boyfriend and ATP star Tsitsipas in the same calendar year.

The earliest that fanciful story could happen is next year, which Badosa is hoping will mark her return from a spinal stress fracture after a premature end to her 2023 campaign, playing her last match at this year's Wimbledon (retired in the second round).

Despite her absence from competition, Badosa has been busily oscillating the continents accompanying Tsitsipas at tennis tournaments. The ATP World No. 7 stated his desire of winning the same Grand Slam with Badosa at some point in their careers, something Badosa is dreaming it can happen.

"Yes, that was an amazing dream I had last January after watching him playing the final in Melbourne. I hope one day we can make that dream come true. We both work very hard, but at the same time we try to have fun off the court."

"On court, though, we work really hard and push each other and motivate each other every morning to be the best version of ourselves. And that’s something I really like to share. We share the same passion and that helps us improve every day."

Badosa also shared her intentions of playing mixed doubles at next year's Australian Open. The pair were set to join forces at this year's Wimbledon in an eagerly anticipated union that had tennis fans driven in a frenzy until Badosa's back injury resurfaced during her singles match.


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