Badosa Explains Long Stare She Gave Tsitsipas' Father At Wimbledon

Badosa Explains Long Stare She Gave Tsitsipas' Father At Wimbledon

Paula Badosa has broken her silence on the odd situation at Wimbledon, where she seemingly gave Apostolos Tsitsipas a stare-down.

Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas are dating and have been dating for a while. The news became public after Roland Garros, where Badosa was watching Tsitsipas play despite pulling out of the WTA event. It came as a surprise to many, but since then, a lot of fans have come out to appreciate the players and their very public relationship.

The Spaniard has been spending a lot of time with the family of Tsitispas since they started dating. Even now, they've been vacationing in Greece with the whole family including his younger brother Petros Tsitsipas.

During an Instagram Live session where they talked about multiple things, Badosa addressed the odd situation when cameras caught her seemingly giving Apostolos Tsitsipas the 'side eye.' The moment became an instant meme on social media, and Badosa was happy that she was given a chance to clear the air.

Thank you for that question because I need to explain myself. I love his dad. I love Apo (Apostolos). The match started. It was the third point, I think. I was just thinking my own stuff and everything. I was just looking there. After 5 minutes, it went viral.

They were 'for sure, she hates him' I was 'oops, this is getting viral' We have an amazing relationship, all of us, the Badosa and Tsitsipas family. It was just me thinking, sometimes I have this intense look.

The whole explanation left Tsitsipas a bit confused because the Greek wasn't even aware of the situation. At least that's what it looked like. Considering how viral the moment was and how much of an avid social media user Stefanos is, it's highly unlikely that he completely missed it.


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