18-Year-Old Talent Noskova Shares Disturbing Messages She Received After Tokyo Loss

18-Year-Old Talent Noskova Shares Disturbing Messages She Received After Tokyo Loss

by Sebastian Dahlman

Abuse on social media is, unfortunately, standard for any public figure, and tennis players in particular, and Linda Noskova was a recent victim.

The 18-year-old took part in the Japan Open recently and lost in the second round to Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova. After losing the match, the Czech player didn't just have to cope with the loss, but also with social media hate which is rather common for tennis players.

Many have spoken up about what their social media inboxes look like after every loss, and the 18-year-old now experienced the same thing. She shared one of the messages, and it's quite disturbing, after one of the people on social media wished disgusting things to Noskova.

Betting and sports, or tennis, in this case, are intrinsically linked. It's a very profitable business that Novak Djokovic recently talked about. He mentioned that it would be good if players actually saw some of that revenue because there are so many tennis players who can't earn a proper living from their sport.

At least in that sense, the players would get something out of it. This way, they are just getting lots of abuse, and that's hardly comfortable. Noskova took it as funny, adding laughing emojis when sharing the message, which is one way to go about it.

Some players speak out against it; some players brush it off because, in reality, there is not much you can do. The Tours aren't doing anything spectacular to combat the amount of abuse players got, even though we've seen some attempts to do that at this year's Roland Garros.

Players welcomed it, which signals that it's surely needed, but not much has happened since then. If you're wondering what the message Noskova got recently looks like, you can check that out below. Be aware, it's a rather disturbing one.


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