'Won Australian Open On Broken Foot': Nadal's Efforts Praised By Golf Legend Woods

'Won Australian Open On Broken Foot': Nadal's Efforts Praised By Golf Legend Woods

by Evita Mueller

Golf legend Tiger Woods is a big fan of Rafael Nadal and everything he does in tennis, much like the Spaniard is a fan of the American-

Rafael Nadal is amazing at tennis but loves golf, while Tiger Woods is great at golf and loves tennis. The legend has known Nadal for a while due to Nadal's passion for the sport Woods dominated for years.

He even went to Mallorca to see his museum, which details the story of Nadal's career with all of these trophies. Woods' admiration for Nadal is mutual as they bonded over their shared love for golf and tennis.

With Nadal's comeback seemingly on the horizon, Tiger was asked about it recently, and he's excited about seeing him back on the courts.

I just think that we should all enjoy watching him compete. And watch him play and what he's meant to the game and what he's meant to all of us just to see the passion and how he plays and why he plays.

Nobody really knows what sort of Nadal will show up Down Under because he's not the youngest anymore, and the injury was rather complicated. Whatever happens with the comeback won't diminish his legacy, which Woods paid tribute to.

I think what Rafa's done is extraordinary. I mean, he won the Australian Open on a broken foot. The guy is beyond tough and beyond competitive. And he knows that Father Time is here. Every athlete faces it. And [in] some sports it happens faster than others. Unfortunately, just like every sport, you can get aged out. And I don't want to see him go.

Hopefully, the comeback will be a good one, so we will see Nadal compete. It would be rather heartbreaking to see him go out like Roger Federer, who never got the chance to really come back properly. Woods mentioned that as well, but as he said. That's just what happens.

I never want to see [Roger Federer] go. But that's just what happens.


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