'Sometimes I Watch Myself': Rune Explains How He Unwinds While Away From Tour

'Sometimes I Watch Myself': Rune Explains How He Unwinds While Away From Tour

by Nurein Ahmed

Holger Rune has described his off-court activities as "lazy" but found that the best way to relax is to rewind his matches and look for improvement areas.

Rune is one of tennis's brightest stars and one of the hardest workers on tour. Because of his unwavering confidence, the Dane has earned the respect of his peers, contrary to the perception of some tennis fans who mistake it for arrogance.

At 20, Rune is among the leading lights of the Next Gen project and is tipped to become a future megastar alongside Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner once the old guard of Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal retire from professional tennis.

He has skyrocketed in the rankings and finds himself in the world's Top 10 competing for top honors. His biggest career accomplishment was winning the Paris Masters last season, earning the finest win of his career by beating Djokovic in the final.

In a recent episode of Warm & Fuzzy on Tennis Channel, Rune sat down for an interview with Michael Kosta to explain what he finds appealing when he is away from the tour. Aside from watching Danish comedy series, Rune likes to unwind and watch his tennis matches.

Moreover, Rune is a massive fan of the rivalry between the Big 3 and has often dedicated his time to watching their matches in the past. The 20-year-old states that it helps him to instill changes in his game and seeks to improve by watching previous matches of his own too.

"I watch tennis now and then you know if there's a good like match-up with you know Novak (Djokovic), Rafa (Nadal), Roger, you know go back in the time to watch a bit um, and sometimes I watch myself if I have to be honest it's good."

"I mean a bit of both (on whether he's hard on himself), like if I do well I just enjoy watching but if I don't do well, I think it's actually good because you can kind of see what you can do better and what you did well and you know take it to to the next practice session or match."


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