Wimbledon 'Have Plans In Place' For Andy Murray's Possible Retirement

Wimbledon 'Have Plans In Place' For Andy Murray's Possible Retirement

by Zachary Wimer

Andy Murray plans to retire sometime this year, and if it happens at Wimbledon, the event is prepared for that.

Earlier this year, the 37-year-old admitted that he would retire this year after being unable to find any kind of form. It's been a long time coming for the Brit, as he always maintained that he'll play until he feels like he's being competitive.

It seemed that way for a while, but in recent months, it's become increasingly clear that he's no longer competitive, which is why the decision was made. With that in mind, we don't really know when it will happen because Murray himself never talked about any specific date.

There is a good chance that he doesn't even know because he's still deciding whether to play in the Olympic Games. What we do know is that he'll play at Wimbledon, and if he decides to retire after that event, then the event organizers have something planned for them.

Wimbledon chief executive Sally Bolton was asked about it ahead of the tournament and she confirmed that they are prepared in case the British legend announces that it will be his final career tournament.

"We’ve certainly got plans in place and we’re ready and prepared. It’s Andy’s decision and we’ll be led by him. We’ve got plans. They’re very adaptable. This is Andy’s call so we’ll very much be led by him. At the right point in time we’ll make those announcements."

Obviously, everything comes down to Murray, and no decision has been made yet as to the specific date when he will retire. The Brit might want to play after Wimbledon, which seems likely at this point, but how long that will last remains to be seen.

The ending at Wimbledon would be quite fitting because it's on home soil with friends and family in attendance. It's also an iconic venue where he won in the past, twice at the Grand Slam stage and once at the Olympics.

That would be a perfect retirement spot for Murray, but as he admitted, he knows the retirement can't be perfect.


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