'What If Alcaraz Wins 15 Slams': Djokovic, Nadal & Federer Set Bar Too High Says Lopez

'What If Alcaraz Wins 15 Slams': Djokovic, Nadal & Federer Set Bar Too High Says Lopez

by Erik Virostko

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Carlos Alcaraz's career is still fairly short, but every day, the Spaniard hears different predictions about his career.

Possessing an incredible talent, it's not surprising that the young Spaniard is compared to the likes of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer.

However, his fellow compatriot, Feliciano Lopez, warns against comparisons with these three, as the bar was set too high by the Big Three, and Alcaraz is still just learning.

Only two decades ago, winning 15 majors would have been a great success, as Pete Sampras was the man with the most Grand Slams when he won 14 throughout his career.

However, if he would have won 15 now, the question is, how would it be perceived? As a success or a disappointment? The Big Three simply set the bar too high, and Lopez talked about it in a recent interview with AS.

"At his age he has already won two Grand Slams and has been number one. He is one of those players that comes out every few years. But of course, we tend to compare him with Federer, Nadal and Djokovic. People don't realize what they've done."

"What happens, if Alcaraz wins 15 Slams it won't be that big of a deal? The thing is that, until recently, Sampras was 14 and a man from Manacor arrived and won 14 in it. I have lived this time. I have played against them. What has happened is not going to be repeated, the probability is very low."

Lopez has a simple message for tennis fans. Let's just enjoy Alcaraz's career, regardless of how many Grand Slam titles he manages to win during his career.

"Let's enjoy Alcaraz, his career. And if he wins 10, 12 or 13, time will tell. But let's value what he has done. I have not seen a player his age play so well, I don't know if Federer at 20 years old played like Carlos."


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