'We Need Him Back': Kyrgios 'Cares Too Much' According To Cahill

'We Need Him Back': Kyrgios 'Cares Too Much' According To Cahill

by Sebastian Dahlman

Australian tennis coach Darren Cahill offered his thoughts on 'Nick Kyrgios not caring' as he sees the Australian as somebody who cares deeply.

There is this notion that Nick Kyrgios doesn't care about tennis, and it's a very popular one. Sure, the Australian engaged in some self-destructive behaviour over the years; behaviours that had a detrimental effect on his career, but he's never really fit the bill of somebody who doesn't care.

For starters, he's a very competitive individual, which immediately tells you that he cares more than he lets on. Darren Cahill certainly thinks that way, as he talked about Kyrgios during a recent appearance on the Advantage Connors Podcast.

You feel like he doesn’t care. In fact he looks like he cares too much because he ends up blowing up with his box – his coaching box throughout the course of a match because he really wants to win and he receives that support from his coaching box.

Cahill on Kyrgios

Kyrgios is rather known for the occasional temper tantrum. He's thrown racquets, shouted at his box, and did various things in frustration. If he truly didn't care he wouldn't do all of that, would he? He's a competitive tennis player, so of course, he cares, and sometimes he cares too much which is detrimental.

Even so, the energy and passion that he brings make him very relatable to a lot of fans who want him back. We've been devoid of that this entire year, and after seeing him play almost full ATP schedule last year, fans simply want him back.

We need him back. It's you know the game is bigger than any one player of course but certainly he’s a loss to the sport at the moment and if he’s playing well and physically feeling good he brings a lot to every tournament he plays. So I’m just wishing him the best. I hope he gets healthy and we hope to see him back really soon.


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