WATCH: 'We're In Trouble?': Alcaraz's Press Conference Interrupted By Emergency

WATCH: 'We're In Trouble?': Alcaraz's Press Conference Interrupted By Emergency

by Zachary Wimer

It's been a rather bizarre week for Carlos Alcaraz in Indian Wells as quite a few strange things happened not just on the tennis court but also in the press conference room.

Alcaraz travelled to Indian Wells intending to do well and possibly win the trophy. He did just that on Sunday by beating Daniil Medvedev in the final, which was the least strange thing that happened to him during the week at the ATP 1000 event.

It's been a rather crazy one for the Spaniard, likely the craziest week in this tennis career. A few days ago, Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev were playing a quarter-final match when a swarm of bees invaded the court.

For safety reasons, the players had to rush off the court, and the match was paused for a couple of hours to clear the bees. A beekeeper was summoned and took care of it, after which the match resumed.

His semi-final match against Jannik Sinner was interrupted by rain multiple times, but the Spanish player also handled the situation easily and won the match in three sets.

Another strange thing that happened to him was during the press conference after the final match when a warning message was played, which confused everybody present.

The room quickly turned humorous as it was obvious that the message was being played by mistake. Alcaraz himself joked about it, asking if they were in trouble.

Eventually, the press conference was able to continue with Alcaraz keeping the joking atmosphere by pointing out the bizarre week he's had in the desert with the bees, rain, and now the emergency warning.

He also apologized for not being able to remain focused on the question being asked, which is understandable. It was a rather fitting end to the week in Indian Wells, which he'll certainly remember for a long time, considering everything that happened.


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