WATCH: Vukic Trips On Untied Laces During Rally And Still Wins A Point Against Monfils

WATCH: Vukic Trips On Untied Laces During Rally And Still Wins A Point Against Monfils

by Evita Mueller

Tennis is a sport you play mostly play standing up, but it's possible to play shots from various twister positions, and Aleksandar Vukic did that, saving a break point in the process.

Aleksandar Vukic from Australia has been having a superb week at the Canadian Open making his way to the 3rd round of the event. He didn't get there by chance but rather outplayed some big names such as Borna Coric and Sebastian Korda. He also defeated Diego Schwartzman in the qualifiers.

However, the run is over now. He faced Gael Monfils for a spot in the quarter-finals, and the French veteran defeated him in straight sets adding to his own superb week in the Canadian city. The crucial game of the first set was at 3-3 in the opening set when Monfils broke his opponent's serve.

It was 40-0 for Monfils on the serve of Vukic and the Australian had no idea what type of disaster lurked around the corner. An untied shoelace isn't anybody's friend, particularly not a tennis player's and Vukic's shoelace tripped him over while the return of Monfils flew towards him.

The point was over right? There was no way he would get the ball back and even if he did, it would have been easy for Monfils to convert into a winner, right? Well, he did just that. Not only did he get the ball back, but he also played a very lob-like shot that took its time to get to Monfils which allowed Vukic to get up quickly.

A pretty good rally followed, one that Vukic finished off with a brilliant forehand winner to save the break point. If you think that's not crazy enough, pay attention to the video, and you'll see that he played the entire rally with the shoelace still untied, which could have gone badly.

It's quite amazing he didn't trip himself over once however he wasn't ultimately rewarded for his heroics. Despite saving two more break points to make it a deuce, the Frenchman still broke and cruised from there to win the match. Fantastic results from Monfils who has been very motivated this week. Check out the video below.


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