WATCH: Tsitsipas Booed At ATP Finals As He Retires After Only 15 Minutes

WATCH: Tsitsipas Booed At ATP Finals As He Retires After Only 15 Minutes

by Evita Mueller

Stefanos Tsitsipas didn't get the best crowd treatment at the 2023 ATP Finals in Turin as he was booed for retiring after only 3 games.

The early match at the ATP Finals proved quite a disaster for the organizers in Turin. We were expected to get a really interesting matchup as Holger Rune was taking on Tsitsipas in a must-win for both players. Unfortunately, the match was curt shot by an injury that forced Tsitsipas to retire after only three games.

As you can imagine, the crowd who paid a lot of money for their tickets weren't impressed with that and showered the Greek player in boos. He knew it was coming and looked quite sad about it but it's just how things go.

The organizers tried to make it up by sending out the two alternates, Hurkacz and Fritz, for one exhibition set, and while the crowd responded positively at first, they booed them too after Hurkacz won 6-3. It was just an utter mess for all involved but it could get worse in the coming days.

Tsitsipas did not confirm that he was withdrawing from the event, which means that he might attempt to play his third match. Many assume that Hurkacz will actually play that third match instead but seemingly it might be Tsitsipas.

He should be prepared to play the match then because the crowd won't be happy if he retires early from another match. You can check out below how they reacted the first time. Luckily for the organizers, a fascinatint matchup between Novak Djokovic and Jannik Sinner can save the day.

It should, in theory, deliver some spectacular tennis and save the day for the organizers. It will begin at 21:00 local time so make sure you stick with us for the match report. As for the boos, check out the video below.


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