WATCH: 'Kids These Days': Murray Shares Hilarious Video With Draper After Davis Cup Win

WATCH: 'Kids These Days': Murray Shares Hilarious Video With Draper After Davis Cup Win

by Sebastian Dahlman

Andy Murray posted a hilarious video on social media showing Jack Draper celebrating Great Britain's Davis Cup success.

The British team secured a spot in the Final 8 of the 2023 Davis Cup Finals. Days after Andy Murray proclaimed the team good enough to win the competition again, the team ensured their place at the final showdown.

It took a lot to get there because they were on the verge of crashing out. Neal Skupski and Daniel Evans had to win the deciding doubles match in order for them to secure a spot, and they did, but they also faced four match points in the match, so it was a very 'lucky' win.

The doubles match was a spectacular effort, with all the team members on the edge of their seats. Murray was there, as was Jack Draper, and they actually travelled back home together. Murray posted a video on social media showing Draper celebrating heavily in a car while he was driving, captioning it in a hilarious fashion.

Kids these days. 3 and a half hours of this on the way home.

Andy Murray on social media

The video obviously quickly became viral on tennis Twitter because it's quite funny. On one side, you have Murray, who is all serious, obviously, as he's driving, and on the other side, you have Draper, who is having the best time of his life.

They were both quite happy with the win, but the difference in attitudes and generations is quite visible in that one. Either way, they're both going to Malaga in November, and if they win, we might get a 2.0 version of this.

Murray probably wouldn't drive from Malaga to London for obvious reasons, but they might fly, and then the veteran might join in the celebrations with his younger ATP colleague.


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