WATCH: Alcaraz Forfeits Game To Djokovic After Massive Cramps At Roland Garros

WATCH: Alcaraz Forfeits Game To Djokovic After Massive Cramps At Roland Garros

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz made a very interesting decision during his semifinal match at the 2023 Roland Garros against Novak Djokovic.

The first men's semifinal of the 2023 Roland Garros is the one that everyone has been waiting for. The top-seeded Alcaraz against the 22-time Grand Slam champion Djokovic, and the stakes are really high, with the World No. 1 spot on the line.

As expected, the thrilling semi-final was in progress also after two hours on the Court Philippe-Chatrier. Both gladiators, wielding their rackets like swords, were trading blows in a manner reminiscent of a captivating chess match.

The first two sets saw a thrilling back-and-forth, with Djokovic claiming the opener 6-3 and Alcaraz roaring back to take the second 7-5. However, as the third set unfolded, a unique spectacle emerged that sent shockwaves through the tennis world.

Just two games into the third set, Alcaraz was suddenly gripped by a bout of serious cramping. In the world of tennis, cramps represent a unique predicament. Unlike other medical conditions that permit treatment mid-game, cramps don't allow the player to receive a medical time-out mid-game.

In a move that shocked everyone as it's not seen very often, Alcaraz chose to forfeit the game, handing Djokovic a break, and a very big advantage into the remainder of the third set but also the rest of the match.

This turn of events evoked mixed reactions from the crowd. As Djokovic prepared to serve after breaking Alcaraz's serve due to the medical time-out, the crowd, perhaps fueled by frustration at the break in action, voiced their dissatisfaction with a wave of boos that echoed through the arena.

Even after receiving the treatment, Alcaraz wasn't able to move any better, as he was still struggling and after losing two more games, the physio returned to the court once again, to already a bit sad Alcaraz.


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