'Very Bad Luck': Andreescu Admits She 'Doesn't Feel Like 23 Years Old' Because Of Injuries

'Very Bad Luck': Andreescu Admits She 'Doesn't Feel Like 23 Years Old' Because Of Injuries

by Zachary Wimer

Bianca Andreescu is only 23 years old, but she doesn't feel that way because she has had so many injuries that should not have happened.

Injuries are something that's out of a player's control or anybody else's control. Bodies are different, and no two are alike, even though human bodies are, in principle, the same.

Some players simply have better luck when it comes to the physical side and largely have careers without any big injuries. Other players like Andreescu seemingly can't catch a break.

The Canadian won the US Open in 2019 as a teenager, and many assumed that was the start of a bright career. In many ways, it could have been if it weren't for the injuries.

They are proving to be a huge problem because she's not playing tennis when she should be, and that's just sad because her youth is passing with her, watching her favorite sport from the sidelines instead of playing.

At the moment, Andreescu is also away from the tennis courts, and in the recent episode of the Match Point Canada, she admitted how difficult it is to deal with physical issues.

"I definitely don't feel like my body is a 23-year-old's body, with all of the injuries, that was a very bad luck. The universe likes to test us in many ways. My main test of my life is dealing with physical injuries, in addition to the mental health problems, which in a way go hand in hand."

"I don't regret any of them, I have learned so much more about myself through the challenges that I've been faced more than through the victories or happy times."

Her comeback is supposed to unfold soon, with the Morocco Open in Rabat being the destination, and many fans are excited to see how things might go for the former world no. 4 on her comeback.

Hopefully, this time around, she manages to play the sport for a couple of months without a new injury shattering that dream. She's a tremendous talent and an exciting player to watch when she's playing tennis close to her best level.


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