Andreescu Details Timeline For Anticipated Tennis Comeback After Eight-Month Hiatus

Andreescu Details Timeline For Anticipated Tennis Comeback After Eight-Month Hiatus

by Erik Virostko

Bianca Andreescu hasn't played a competitive match since last August, but she already has a timeline for her comeback.

The Canadian player burst onto the tennis scene in 2019 when she managed to win in Indian Wells and Toronto before stunning the world with her sensational run at the US Open, winning her maiden Grand Slam title.

Since then, however, it's been one injury struggle after another for Andreescu, who's yet to complete a full healthy season. After briefly playing in 2023, she injured herself again, but she's been working on her comeback since then.

During the 2024 Indian Wells Open, where she won five years ago, the 23-year-old spoke to the tournament's official website,, discussing her comeback, as she already has a timeline for it.

"It’s been a crazy seven, eight months since I played my last match (in August). Obviously I’ve been dealing with the back injury but that’s been healed now. I’m basically just starting to train again, taking it easy because I don’t want to make it worse."

Andreescu has one major goal and that's competing at the 2024 Olympics in Paris. She didn't get to play at the Olympic Games before, and that's why she wants to do it this year.

"The Olympics are this year. It’ll be my first Olympics, so I want to be able to play that tournament. We’re taking it step by step. I was talking to my friend earlier today. The reason why I play tennis is that I love to compete so much."

Her current goal is being ready for the season's second Grand Slam tournament - the French Open. It's held at the Roland Garros, the same venue that will host also the Olympic tennis tournament.

"It’s obviously nice to be here but I would have loved to play. But I’m feeling much better, now that I’m healed. I can play again and now the goal is the French Open. I’ve been training on the clay."

Andreescu revealed that while she has already started training, she's yet to return to her top intensity, which will come in the upcoming months.

"I started training about a month ago, and no, I’m not completely ready to start playing practice sets. We’re hoping in the next two or three weeks that I can start to ramp up."

"Right now, the main focus is just building my back and my fitness so that when I start playing points, I won’t have any issues. We want to make practice as difficult as possible so that when I start competing again, that matches are super easy. It’s gradual."


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