Tsitsipas Addresses Claims About Replacing His Father As Coach

Tsitsipas Addresses Claims About Replacing His Father As Coach

by Sebastian Dahlman

Stefanos Tsitsipas is back to having his father as the main coach, and it will remain that way, according to a recent interview he did.

Stefanos Tsitispas has had an interesting year in terms of coaching because it's been questioned as loudly as ever before. The coaching situation has always been somewhat suspect as many are wary of parents in the roles of coaches.

It can work, but most of the time, it kind of backfires, even though Apostolos knows tennis really well. For a brief moment, Tsitsipas listened to suggestions from external factors and went with Mark Philippoussis as his main coach.

He didn't fire his father but rather gave him some 'off time' which was an interesting way to phrase it. It didn't last long as they're back to where they once were, with the Greek commenting on the moves in a recent interview with Greek Publication Kathimerini.

I've heard hundreds of times that I have to change him. But these are said by people who do not know my daily life. I train six days a week, spend more than half a day every day doing gym, physio, talking to my team about nutrition – doing everything I can to get to the next level.

Nobody really ever questioned his dedication, but it's obvious that some things are simply not working. He won the ATP Finals a few years ago, and many assumed that he would continue his rise. He did become better and won a couple of big trophies.

He also played in Grand Slam finals but never really got over the hump, which he should have. There is plenty of talent there, but he seems to be stuck for a while, even though he's pretty consistent and is playing excellent tennis at times. He simply can't take the next step, so many assume it's the coaching.


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